A change is Inevitable for a Clean India

After going through the article on the “Public Health situation in India” published in the March issue of Safety Messenger Magazine, I could not resist without responding. Look at our surroundings; we can see how careless people are about cleanliness in a public place. Solid examples are our bus stands, train stations, road sides and market places. People simply don’t care about throwing waste items even if a waste bin is kept nearby. While in train we throw used food packets, napkins, papers and bottles on to the tracks, while in bus we do the same and it is the same everywhere we go. We spit on road, urinate near roadside, pollute water channels, dump waste in neighbour’s compound and do all nasty things on public walls. We follow what we practice. What these activities showcase our country to a visitor is nothing else, our culture of uncleanliness. And what cost us for all these ill doings is others and our own health.

When can we change? When do we Indians learn to keep public places clean? It is never going to happen. People are only bothered about themselves and everything is dominated by the ‘my concept’. Our attitudes must be changed. Cleanliness should be started from home. If we teach our children to be neat and clean, and to behave as responsible citizens many health problems can be avoided. Our country can be made beautiful, if only we are faithful in our acts, our leaders’ faithful in their roles. Things that need to be banned should be banned. The law is same for all and should be followed by all. But in India, law and justice differentiates between the haves and the have not’s. The change should happen and let us unite to make a better India.

K Surendran, Trivandrum, Kerala

Author: SubEditor

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