Man-Made Pollution A Major Threat

The environment we live in are under severe threat of pollution with it’s tell tale impacts on public health. While natural pollution is to a certain extent beyond our control, it is not the case with the pollution created by man consciously or unconsciously. If the human life on planet earth is to survive for long, there is an urgent need to put an end to man-made environmental pollution by formulating far sighted policies and embarking on intensive public awareness campaigns.

Environmental pollution from time immemorial is of two types: The natural and man-made. The natural pollution is caused and produced naturally and will not affect our environment because of its regeneration ability. The Man made pollution is the creation of man and as such has the most adverse impact on our environment and definitely on public health at large. The reason of increasing the daily pollution levels is mainly because of the rise in population. Population explosion leads growing pressure on the environment for basic necessities.

By developing the new technologies and using those to reach and discover new resources people have had a harmful effect on the planet. It is clear that the small population with new technologies will not affect the environment or if it is affecting it is not that much and can be controlled while huge population by using the technologies will clearly have bad results for the planet.india-borrows-a-page-from-chinas-playbook-in-dealing-with-air-pollution

A major concern

Pollution is one of the major issue and concern. It has not been happened recently or accidently. It is human mistake since long years back and has been going on since many years ago. We must be clever try hard to save our energies and resources and we have to have a good management and programs to protect the resources that we are using nowadays which we might not have them in coming years. We should use them usefully and try to prevent any type of pollution to our environment and save the earth and resources for our future and provide a better living place.

Radio-active pollution

Radio-active pollution tops the list of man-made pollution. Radiation has bad effects on both land and human health. The land that is exposed to radiation will not be unfertile and if something grows on the land will have considerably high amount of radiation in the fruits and vegetables which is really bad for human health to consume. Radiation takes hundreds of years to vanish. If a person is exposed to radiation it is very dangerous and can lead to cancer, anemia, burns and vomiting. In some cases the genetic disorders are caused by radiation such as: mutation over long period of time mostly in off springs.

Radiation is any kind of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation that is caused by human activity. Nuclear power generating plants are the well known source of generating radiation; however there is other ways in which radiation is also emitted like: any nuclear devices, medical X rays microwaves and experimental research laboratories. However the amount of radiation that are emitted is considerably less than the nuclear power generator plants.

 The effect of radiation to human health depends on the amount of radiation that the person is exposed to and there is also many more such as: the length of exposure, kind of radiation, age, and the individual’s health and also exposed body parts. Nowadays exposure to radiation is minimal because of technological advancement. However it can come from damaged nuclear plants, accidents from transporting of nuclear fuel and wastes says “Biology-online”

Nuclear wastes must be stored in heavily shielded sealed containers and be stored in areas away from biological habitats the safest storage sites are in deep caves or abandoned salt mines. To avoid radiation prevent over exposure to x-rays and CT scans, avoid living near nuclear plants or stay there for too long and stay clear of radioactive materials and elements. Radiation exposure is a real danger.

It is to be noted that nuclear radiation exposure can travel through clouds. It doesn’t really matter where you are. If the radioactive atomic materials can travel through air, then it can go anywhere. Experts explain that the general protocol for those who find themselves in danger of exposure to nuclear material should stay indoors the walls will provide some measure of protection from the radiation, close the windows and doors plus turn off the ventilation system.

Various people support nuclear experimentation and suggest that by the help of technological advancements and the above safety precautions, radiation pollution/exposure can be controlled and avoided. Today, high level exposure is very rare due to the advancement of technology. It could come from defective or badly damaged nuclear plants, ammunitions of factories, and nuclear war. However radiation moves everywhere and it’s hard to contain.

(Read the full article in the March Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2016)

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