Self Awareness Needed

In India, daily hundreds of people die due to various diseases and infections. Every minute minimum 10 deaths are reported. Most of the deaths are sudden or unexpected while asleep or awake. Reasons can be a heart attack, brain haemorrhage, or a low or high Blood pressure. According to current estimates, India will soon have the highest number of cases of cardiovascular disease in the world.

Heart disease has escalated among the younger generation with a significant risk in both males and females. Five years ago, we hardly saw young patients with heart problems. Now, young people in the 25-35 age groups are diagnosed with heart disease.

The problem is with the changing lifestyle. People are lured by the fantasies of modern lifestyle and want to follow what others do. The result is negligence to the traditional food habits, laziness in doing daily chores and thus lacking in exercise, heavy use of machineries and vehicles, everything is driving us to only one location that is to the death call of a disease.

Here the people know what is happening around, but still not bothered. Many think, “If life is not for enjoying what is it for”? So eat, do whatever they like and be merry. This is a serious problem now India is facing. India needs strong young and prudent people to lead the nation. This needs a change-  a change in self.

Nikhil Kumar, Gurgaon, Haryana

Author: SubEditor

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