Old Age is no more Safe

As I was going through the article on ‘Healthy Living in Old Age’, it made me think of the life our aged parents are leading. The number of aged people ending up in old age homes or leading a lone life in their homes, despite having their children living near or abroad is increasing in Kerala. Not sure, if the westernization has taken up our culture so much or the value of our relationships have decayed. Whatever it may the older people are at the receiving end, once they become a burden of their children’s life.

The wrinkled skin and their age made ugly looks make them no more attractive for their children to say they are his/her parents. The physical inability added with the old age makes them more dependable and therefore they are a big burden for their working children. So, for them the final destinations will be such old age or poor homes.

But, are we not thinking about the nature’s law? Like the old cliché, ‘when the dry leaves fall green leaves laugh’ unknowing the fact that we will also be old like our parents and will be pushed to live a life like them.

Remya Ravindran, Kozhikode- Kerala

Author: SubEditor

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