Rampant Hill-Cutting Needs Ban!

Quarry_cutting,_Bilberry_HillOur earth is patterned in such-a- way so that the living organisms exist in it forever. Unfortunately, man does not realize this fact and keep on exploiting earth for his greedy interests. One of the serious destruction man does on earth is the destruction of hills.  Let us check into these prevailing acts of large-scale hill destruction and land exploitation in India.

In recent years, the land resource has been subjected to a variety of pressures. Still it is surviving and sustaining mankind. What is alarming in the way land is being used towards over-exploitation on account of a number of reasons leading this pristine resource being robbed of its resilience. The indiscriminate cutting of hills in many parts of India is becoming a major environmental issue. The nature and life style of our regions are closely related with the hills and thus any alterations to these can create a drastic imbalance in its ecosystem.

Due to large-scale hill destruction, the mostly affected sectors are the weather and climate, geomorphology and hydrology, and the indigenous flora and fauna. As a result the frequency of natural calamities like earthquake, flash flooding etc may increase considerably. Deforestation and resulting increased soil erosion, decreased ground water recharge and deteriorated water quality might also be as consequences of such hill cutting. Let us look into the cause and extent of this problem along with its probable impact and finally suggests actions for conservation of hills for ecological balance of the earth.

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