Product Stewardship, Responsible Care

Responsible Care, a worldwide voluntary initiative of the chemical industries, is a public commitment by companies intended to demonstrate continuous improvement in all aspects of performance, to involve all staff and to work with customers, suppliers, local communities and other relevant bodies connected with implementation of the programme. Product Stewardship is closely linked to Responsible Care- explains C.Mahadevan, Chemical Expert and senior HSE consultant.

Responsible Care builds upon existing practices and materials developed within many chemical associations and companies over many years. It brings measurable achievements on which the chemical industry must communicate with the public in order to earn its place as a respected partner in society.product stewardship

It was started by European Chemical Industries Council. Later, it was started in India by Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association. Chemical industries continually strive to reduce the health, safety and environmental (HSE) risks posed by its products while also meeting customer demands and public demands for many new products which are safer and have lower environmental impact.

Product Stewardship is not only an important step towards achieving this objective but is also a practical contribution towards sustainable development. Product Stewardship seeks to address HSE risks throughout all stages of a product’s life and should concern all parties who design, develop, manufacture, handle or use chemical products down the supply chain. It is an effective means of bringing together such key aspects as supplier performance and customer interaction together with promoting cooperation for safe transportation, use, recycling and disposal of products. Product Stewardship of a company should be responsive to its structure, its resources its needs and the nature of its products. This item is very important since the overall product risk assessment will dictate the level of support required to meet agreed goals and objectives.

What is Product Stewardship?

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