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The 2011 census of India says, “33.6 million (28.5%) Indian households used LPG as cooking fuel, which is supplied to their homes in pressurised cylinders.” 

LPG is used for cooking in many countries for economic reasons, for convenience or because it is the preferred fuel source. Though user-friendly, LPG can be disastrous to family and property, if exposed to leakage due to various reasons. More often, the social safety and security aspects tend to be ignored mainly because of the lack of awareness regarding safety measures or methods of proper usage of this deadly, yet most unavoidable product.

IMG-20151223-WA0003It is here that S.P. Combined, a gas safety device manufacturer based in Indore, steps in with the most innovative and user friendly safety system for preventing damages due to gas leakage.  Their unique product named ‘Gas Secura” is a onetime solution for all households, as it not only takes care of your LPG cylinder and household, but also values your life to the core.

Product Features

Gas Secura is a mechanical device, produced in compliance with all safety standards and measures, with prime focus on prevention of accidental gas leakage in domestic LPG cylinders.  The highlight of the product is its Auto shutoff feature which works on pressure technology.  Gas Secura is adapted to detect major gas leakages that may be caused due to the rupturing of tube or pulling off the stove or regulator, the non-functioning of the regulator and in case of the tube catching fire.  Apart from the Auto shutoff feature, Gas Secura provides the facility for testing for any minor leakages saves fuel consumption up to 20% and comes with a Product Liability Insurance of Rs.5 Crores.  It is easy to install and is also provided with a Low Gas Indicator mechanism.

GI Distributors

The product is being brought into the focus of the general public by its sole dealer and distributor, M/s GI Distributors, based at Kochi, Kerala who owns its exclusive rights of distribution.  GI Distributors is a group of intuitive and enthusiastic young professionals who focuses on bringing this product into every household using LPG.  The Managing Partner of this Group, Mr. Anil Narayanan believes that “prevention is better than cure”, and also expects to provide maximum product knowledge to maximum numbers, especially women, through campaigns and  social awareness sessions apart from bringing it on media.

The product is available in market with a three-year warranty and offers excellent customer service, post installation.  You can reach out to G I Distributors at 0484- 3199907, 09388701777 & 09388701888 or [email protected].

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