Consumer Rights Begin In Store

Ensuring consumer rights is a concerted effort and the buck does not stop with the end-user. It is equally important that businesses take up the responsibility of ensuring the highest standards of customer compliance and protection.

For years, businesses have looked the other way, and taken refuge under legal loopholes to get away with concerns that affect customer rights. However, governmental efforts to streamline the process of customer protection are now yielding strong dividends.Food-firms-must-understand-consumer-behaviour

Businesses today come to understand that customer satisfaction is what drives their growth and long-term sustainability. More and more businesses are stepping forward to initiate and drive customer rights awareness campaigns and take part in governmental initiatives that support customer rights protection.

Today, it is mandatory for shops and business establishments to display signage that encourages consumers to seek governmental intervention, if needed, in ensuring that they receive products and services that are in their best interests. They have the right to raise complaints with the authorities and take recourse under the Consumer Protection Laws.

Apparel Group is one of the frontrunners in defining consumer rights and ensuring that they work with the government to undertake measures that promote consumer-compliance best practices.

This also goes back to the group’s commitment to quality and organisational excellence. For several years now, Apparel is a name that figures in the quality award and excellence citations.

The Group, naturally, was among the first to embrace the ‘Self-Inspector’ campaign that was launched by the Dubai Department of Economic Department (DED) to promote a culture of consumer service excellence.

The initiative is path-breaking in that major business outlets are encouraged to train and deploy inspectors who will complete compliance checks within their establishments.

(Read the full part of this article in the January Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2016)

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