Are Robotic Mechanisms taking up our Driving Seats?

Machines are replacing humans everywhere, and it is no wonder it happens in driving cars too. It is a good thing if autonomous cars come to streets, but what is the role of a man then? Won’t his driving skills perish and brain loose its manual thinking power if not used?

People are benefited with the good things of self driving cars like avoiding accidents, no needing to worry about parking; traffic blocks, and allow those who are visually or physically impaired to have greater mobility etc. But technology can fail at times, like as in the cases of many of our existing ones. It is admitted by the makers of cars itself that although it is much far better than humans in creating accidents, they won’t be perfect!

The main drawbacks of these cars are that only the rich can afford to have it, unless the technology becomes cheaper.  Apart from the drawbacks, technology is always welcomed by people everywhere. l in all, self-driving cars have the potential to be an incredible new wave in the future of humanity. Let’s wait and watch carefully, what this mind blowing emerging innovation is in hold for us.

G. Surendran, Trivandrum

Author: SubEditor

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