Taparia Launches New Hand Tools

Taparia Tools has introduced two new products into their segment of hand tools. The company launched ‘Steel Files’ and ‘Plastic Tool Box with Organizer’ later this year.

The steel file is one of the oldest and simplest, yet most useful hand tools for metal finishing. The files are useful in removing small bits of metal when applied with pressure against the surface of metal. Taparia Tools has given instructions as to how the files should be handled.jk_files-250x250

The company insists that a new file should be used with light pressure in the beginning, preferably on a surface which has been filed earlier. In case of clogging of file teeth, clean the teeth with a soft metal wire brush and use the files for cutting in the forward stroke only. The filing jobs should be held rigidly.

There are different types file cuts which can be used such as: 1. Single Cut files (mostly all Saw Files are Single Cut) which are used for sharpening and edging applications. E.g. Sharpening of saws where the work piece is hard, point of contact is less and finish is required.   2. Double Cut files need less effort for filing and also give good surface finish. 3. Bastard Cut – For stock removal and coarse finish. 4. Second Cut – For moderate stock removal and medium to coarse finish. 5. Smooth Cut – For smooth surface finish. And, 6. Rasp Cut – Special cut formation for rapid stock removal from surface or softer materials like wood or leather.

Taparia Tools also introduces “Plastic Tool Box With Organizer” which has features like,

  • Metal rod hinges for higher load bearing capacity.
  • Latch type locks for firm locking.
  • Inside tray for storing special tools.
  • Organizer sections on the top to store fasteners & small objects.
  • Specially designed handle for higher load carrying capacity.
  • Attractive looks and design.
  • Available in 420mm (16) & 480mm (19) sizes.

All the manufacturing facilities required for production of hand tools are under one roof-one location. Hand tools manufacturing is complicated involving high technology and labour intensive production process.Plastic box

Taparia believes that Hand Tool is an extension of a human hand.  Whereas human hand performs many remarkable activities but there comes a limitation e.g. where some nut or a screw has to be tightened, the human hand alone will not be able to do it and there comes the role of a Hand Tool, – Which Means An Extension of a Human Hand.

About the Company

The Taparia Tools Ltd is an ISO-9001 accredited company, with a sound experience of 46 years in manufacturing hand tools in India. The company started its operations in technical collaboration with a reputed company by the name of A.B.Bahco of Sweden. The company has a well laid out fully equipped factory located at Nashik, which is about four hours drive from the city of Mumbai in western India and another expanded unit at Goa, approx. 600 kilometers from Mumbai.

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