Take Care of Tyres

Underestimating the importance of tyres can be suicidal. Tyres are your safety grip with the road while driving; hence, it is all the more important to make sure that tyres of your vehicle is in top condition.6.4.Help-Support_HelpMeChooseMyTyre_BG-dark

There is no denying the fact that good tyres are the guarantee for a safe and comfortable ride. Poor tyres can reduce the performance of your vehicle, increase your stopping distance and raise the risk of skidding. Furthermore, under-inflated or worn tyres increase fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Firstly, tyres have the most important function of supporting your vehicle which means that the 4 tyres and the air inside them support the weight of your car. Secondly, the tyres absorb shocks. The air or nitrogen in the tyres act as a spring and this dramatically increases your riding comfort. Thirdly, tyres perform the important function of transmitting traction and braking forces. Lastly, tyres are important in steering the vehicle. Changing the tyre angle steers the vehicle. Tyres can lose their footing long before they are worn out. Tests show that tread can give a significant amount of grip when it is still at the halfway point. 

Worn-out tyres

A recent study conducted by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that nearly 50% of the 11,500 cars, pickup trucks, vans, and sport-utility vehicles the agency checked had at least one tyre with half-worn tread. Another 10% had at least one bald tyre.

(Read the full part of this article from the December Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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