Safety Training to Lucknow Metro Workers to Eliminate Hazard

Recognising the threat of metro construction to public in the middle of road especially the floating population which comes to city from nearby towns, for the first time ever a metro project will give specialized training to all its employees based on behavioral patterns of traffic in that particular area. The exhaustive training of 96 hours, called Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is being imparted for the first time in country, together in Lucknow and third phase of Delhi Metro.metro

Officials fear that a large chunk of population daily come to Lucknow from nearby districts like Sitapur, Barabanki, Sultanpur, Agra etc who enter the construction area unconsciously without having prior knowledge about safety precautions, it becomes imperative for workers on the site to sensitize people about right behaviour while driving or walking inside a high-risk zone. The staff can alert public about unsafe acts, accident causing factors and consequences of flouting norms much in advance.

LMRC has imparted training to about 2100 employees so far working on the site. The training becomes crucial in the backdrop of two recent incidents where an under-construction pillar had fallen off accidentally while in other case, a truck got entangled in a wired net near the project site. The workshop includes 2 parts- same general training of 12 hours each for all employees. The rest 84 hours are spent on giving role specific training to them which ensures safety of public by eliminating hazardous situations at project sites. For example, a traffic marshal will be trained on how to guide the pedestrian to cross road near metro site, workers will be taught to put right kind of reflectors at nights and how to ensure smooth traffic movement of heavy and motorized vehicles on highways.

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