Agra officials Initiate to Improve Tourist Experience in the City

After several instances of snatching were reported, Agra district administration has asked auto drivers to install grills to protect those riding them. The auto-rickshaw drivers have been directed to install the grill at left side of their vehicles. The direction was issued after cases of snatching involving tourists were reported in recent time.Agra city tourist

In another order, ‘petha’ shop owners operating in the vicinity of Taj Mahal have been asked to mandatorily display a rate list of their products. This has been done to stop them from charging exorbitant prices from customers. At present, hardly any petha shop has put up a rate list.

The two initiatives have been taken to improve tourist’s experience in the city. The steps will be strictly implemented after the panchayat elections.  According to officials, the tourist police have been entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that auto-rickshaws do not ply without installing grills in their vehicles.

Notably, a drive in this regard was conducted a few months ago and many auto rickshaw owners had installed the grills. But gradually, all of them removed the grill from their vehicles. The police is going to take strict actions against violators if they remove grills in future.

 In another drive a few months ago around Taj Mahal and other monuments of the city, the Food Safety and Drug Administration department had got hoardings displaying a famous brand “petha” removed from scores of fake shops while issuing a warning of registering an FIR under the copyright Act next time. The drive was conducted after FSDA received complaints that shops were fleecing tourists and selling them substandard quality product at exorbitant price.

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