Reformed Medical Practice is What India Must Bring

Private medical practice in urban India takes place in a competitive marketplace and both consultants and hospitals don’t want to risk losing patients by demanding treatment that may increase cost, fully discussing risks of the surgery, or revealing limitations of a hospital. Hospitals rely on consultant reputation to attract work and feel compelled to defer to consultant judgment about selecting patients. When complications occur, weaknesses in the system get revealed – particularly the inadequate defenses to protect the patient.

Future research need to be directed towards assessment of patient safety climate in various healthcare organizations along the hierarchy of Indian healthcare landscape to jumpstart the long overdue  movement towards better patient safety in our hospitals.   We can also follow the five concepts outlined by the National Patient Safety Foundation of USA in transforming healthcare safety. That is in bringing Transparency, Integrated care platform, Consumer engagement, Joy and meaning in work and Medical education reform in the Indian medical system.

George Stephen, Healthcare Consultant

California, USA

Author: SubEditor

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