Indian Railways needs to improve lot

Safety in Indian Railways becomes a subject of discussion when there is an accident. While, an analysis on the yester years train accidents indicates that a large number of accidents happen because of derailments & at level crossing. It is also clear that more than 80% of the accidents are caused by Human Failure (Railway Staff or Otherwise). The good sign however is that the number of accidents per million kilometers run and number of casualties per million passengers carried has come down in the last few years.

Although, Indian railway has advanced a lot from its yester years, it still has lot more to go especially in reducing the number of accidents, and in assuring safety and guarding the rights of passengers.   The attitude of discussing on safety when accidents occur and then forgetting about it needs to be changed. While, there needs strong actions to prevent such unpleasant events on the rail tracks!

P Ramachandran


Author: SubEditor

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