We Need To Stay Fit Mentally and Physically

Our mind and body changes over time and things don’t always work as they should. But much of this can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. Most of us ignore the healthy living practice by going behind fast foods. But our attitude must change.  It is true in that it is never too late to start being healthy but it does help if you have been fit and healthy for most of your life.

However, if you have always been careful about what you eat and taken exercise then this will slow down. Plus, it will ensure that you remain healthy into your later years.

Mental ‘fitness ’is as equally important as physical fitness. Our mental functions start to decline as we age which results in short term memory loss, forgetfulness and lack of concentration. It can be harder to learn new skills and this may lead to a lack of confidence.It is always important that we need to find a safe side on whatever we do. Safety Messenger Magazine has beautifully focused on these safety aspects on lifestyle through different articles this time. Good attempt, keep it up!

V.N Sajeevan

Calicut, Kerala

Author: SubEditor

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