Scientific Disposable Method for Solid Waste in India is needed

Soon India will see large areas filled up with landfills since we don’t have advanced method for segregating solid waste. Waste management seems to be a great headache for the authorities across the India and most of the systems used are failing due to improper methods. India needs to grow up in this issue.

There are plenty of choices that the authorities can do to resolve this issue. Awareness campaigns and strict bans on plastic bags and other non recyclable things should be done from the local bodies itself. This awareness should be brought from the schools and homes.   Segregation of waste should occur at the colony or neighbourhood level, when the waste is collected. The garbage collection centres in the metropolitan cities are always overflowing due to lack of segregation. Recyclable waste like construction and demolition waste, organic waste like household garbage, toxic waste like medical waste, are all mixed together making the problem worse.

Although “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious project to make India a clean country, aims to teach citizens to reduce and even clean their own surroundings, the effectiveness of it is still a doubt. Unless and otherwise the government sort out a concrete waste management system that ensures segregation and recycling, the idea of Clean India will never work.

Narain Kartik


Author: SubEditor

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