Lifestyle Management is Never Too Late

It is a haunting factor that we are all in one or the other way affected by at least one or two lifestyle diseases. Now-a day we hear most of the people complain about their problems related to blood pressure.  Of all people with high blood pressure, over 20 percent are unaware of their condition. This symptomless disease could leave them with substantial health consequences.

Whether we are diagnosed with high blood pressure which is also called hypertension, or are concerned because we have some of the risk factors for the disease, understand this: while there is no cure, high blood pressure is manageable by adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle modifications are essential in our modern life. These changes may reduce our blood pressure without the use of prescription medications. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is critical for the prevention of HBP and an indispensable part of managing it. It is never too late think of these changes as a “lifestyle prescription” and makes every effort to comply with them.


Kadakkavoor, Kollam

Author: SubEditor

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