Fashion Not At Cost of Health

There is a critical relationship between fashion and health. Of course, fashion can sometimes make us stand straighter and help prevent osteoporosis. Ironically, fashion can also damage our feet and our balance through a choice of shoes or it can exercise our leg muscles and improve our gait. The fashion choices we make also affect our thoughts and feelings emotionally, spiritually, physically.

alessandra-fashion-wallpapersFashion can be fun, but it can also take a toll. According to some of the latest studies, it is possible for skinny jeans to cause nerve damage. There are many more in the fashion menu which are harmful to one’s health. From skyscraper heels to skin-tight jeans, many of us repeatedly choose style over comfort. However, this could be bad news for your health. A case report published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry narrates
the story of a 35-year-old woman whose legs went numb while she was wearing skinny jeans. Her legs and ankles had become so swollen that emergency room staff had to cut her jeans off. Her ankles and toes were weak, but the rest of her legs, including her knees and hips, were working normally.

As far back as 1993, doctors had warned about ‘tight-pants syndrome’ in medical journals in the backdrop increasing number of men coming in with symptoms like abdominal discomfort after wearing tight pants. Tight pants are back as a fashion trend currently among both men and women, and perhaps it is not worth it in terms of your health.

Unhealthy Fashion Merchandise
From skinny jeans to artificial nails, there are a host of fashionware that are harmful to your health. Let us have a brief overview of some of the major
ones. Skinny jeans may be fashionable, but wearing skin-tight denim and other close-fitting trousers can have health repercussions for both women and men. For men, wearing tight trousers can cause overheating of the testes, lowering sperm count and causing fertility problems, according to studies.

High-heels come next. Once reserved for special occasions, women are now increasingly opting to wear heels on a daily basis, which could lead to a whole host of health problems. Regularly wearing high-heels can cause poor posture, can put pressure on your joints, and lead to a range of conditions, including arthritis, hammertoes, back pain and tendon injuries arising out of high heel related accidents.

Eyeliner has been around for centuries, and is popular with many women as a way to frame eyes and make them stand out. However, though in most cases eyeliner is no cause for concern, applying any product so close to your eyes can come with its risks. Not only are many types of eyeliner made up of chemicals which can cause irritation, but also applying the product too close to the inner corners of your eyes can lead to blocked tear ducts. To keep your eyes healthy, use natural eyeliner, avoid applying too close to the tear ducts, and replace your eyeliner after three months.

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