spray magic50% to 70 % of spray solution do not reaches to the site of action and spreads in environment. The loss of agro chemical occurs due to Improper spray results into half coverage of the plant, Agro chemicals skips off the leaves due to oily layer, Lack of sticking on the plant and Lack of plant penetration. Most of the times the agrochemicals get washed out due to rainwater. Due to these reasons the expensive Agro chemicals are lost in the environment.

ON & ON Agro Spray Magic is a super spreader, Penetrant & Surfactant for Agricultural Application.

SprayMagic is-

  • Non-ionic wetter, super spreader, penetrant & surfactant
  • Produces rain fastness more quickly than typical surfactants
  • Superior leaf wetting, spreading & penetration
  • Increase effectiveness of Agro inputs
  • Increases soil wetting and maximizes effectiveness of soil fertilizers
  • Enhance penetration, wetting & spreading of broad range of agro chemicals via stomata
  • Better Spray coverage, within less water & agro chemicals


SprayMagic can be used with almost all agrochemicals including insecticides, Fungicides, Miticides, Bactericides, Herbicides, Amino acid, Humicacid formulations, Micronutrient fertilizers etc.

Take half of water needed for spraying and add your pesticide/fertilizers as needed in the tank. Add SprayMagic in sufficient quantity to the tank and stir. Add remaining 50% water and stir thoroughly. Finish the mixture on same day of preparation. Prepare fresh mixture on next day if needed. Close the half used bottle of SprayMagic carefully. Protect it from water drops an dust. Keep SprayMagic bottle away from children in lock and key.

*Use SprayMagic as per the dose mentioned on bottle.

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