Govt Formalises Strategies to Counter ISIS Threat

The Union Government has formalized a strategic plan to maintain internal security to counter ISIS thereat.  Involvement of community elders, monitoring of radical social media platforms and real-time sharing of information are a few steps government plans to take to prevent youths getting attracted to radical ideologies, such as that propagated by ISIS.isis threat

A high-level meeting chaired by Union Home Secretary LC Goyal, formalised a strategy to neutralise extremist ideologies such as that espoused by ISIS, which has influenced thousands around the world.

Counter-radicalisation efforts would include counselling of youths, convincing community elders to persuade the younger generation to not get influenced by any extremist ideology besides others.

The focus would also be on how to quickly respond to any report of youths planning to join terror groups like ISIS and how to prevent Indian youths from coming under the sway of extremist doctrines, official sources said.

DGPs and Home Secretaries or their representatives of a dozen states including Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Assam, Punjab, West Bengal and Delhi (Commissioner of Police) attended the meeting.

The law makers in the country are in the process of putting in place a robust system to counter radicalisation of Indian youths. According to an official estimate, around 25 youngsters have been identified across the country as having been attracted to the idea of ISIS and wanting to join the group.

The meeting was held to sensitise the states about the existing and emerging threats to internal security situation in the country. Maharashtra and Telangana have already put in place a model for dealing with ISIS-related cases. While there have been arrests in some cases, agencies realised that arrest should not be the first option.

Monitoring of social media has already begun and efforts would be made to gain the confidence of the Muslim community. Till now, 11 Indians have been identified who joined ISIS, of whom five are reportedly dead.

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