Safety, Efficacy of Ayurveda

c4-2048x1242-2048x1229 abhyanga_an_ayurvedic_treatment_9The effectiveness of ayurveda medicine has not been widely studied and clinicaly proved worldwide. Now the World is curiously looking to this alternative medicine for many areas of treatments. Dr. K M Madhu, Senior Physician, Aryavaidyasala Kottakkal. Explains the credibility and qualities of this 5000 years old healthcare practice.

Ayurveda is a healthcare practice that originated in our country about 5,000 years ago. It is surprising that though this science has faced several challenges, it still maintains its position in society. This is because of the strong base of this system, which can adapt to changes in a big way. World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised ayurveda because of its authenticity and success in healthcare. The world is curiously looking to this science for answers to health problems that are not properly addressed by other systems of medicine. The time has come to revalidate the knowledge base of ayurveda to make it more effective in managing the diseases in the modern era.

Safety Features of Ayurveda
Safety of every individual is important. Western medical system has put forward so many safety parameters which have been universally accepted. Hence, as a recognised medical system, ayurveda also has to accept these parameters to a certain extent. Governments of each country have made regulations regarding safety features for all the components of medical practice. The main areas in the medical field are clinical services, manufacturing of drugs and research. Each of these areas has different regulatory mechanisms.

The prime safety concern in the clinical services is that whether a system of medicine is practised by licensed persons or not. The governments concerned have established medical councils which authorise the physicians to practise the medical system in which they are trained. In ayurveda, this issue causes complexities when dealing with the traditional medical practices, which are an integral part of the system. Strict implementation of rules is the only solution to solving the problem.

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