Pollution in Taj Trapezium Zone Raises Concern

An Indian parliamentary panel has voiced concern over industrial pollution in the Taj Trapezium Zone Authority area “adversely” affecting the Taj Mahal and said that it was “aghast” at the lack of administrative set up and budgetary allocation in the Zone.

The Taj Trapezium Zone Authority (TTZ) was set up to monitor progress of implementation of various schemes to protect the 17th century ‘monument of love’. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology and Environment and Forest noted that increased vehicular traffic in Agra was becoming a huge source of pollution and was one of the factors adversely affecting the Taj Mahal.

It recommended that measures taken by the government to contain vehicular pollution should be strictly implemented to obviate any relaxation so that the beauty of Taj could be saved.

The panel expressed “concern” over sources of industrial pollution in TTZ area, which it said was “adversely” affecting the Taj.  It also voiced concern over lack of administrative set up in the Zone.

The committee said that it was a loss to understand as to how the TTZ Authority created to monitor progress of the implementation of various schemes for protection of Taj Mahal and programmes for protection and improvement of the environment in the area has been functioning since 1999.

The committee has recommended that the Environment Ministry should provide necessary financial support, manpower and infrastructure to TTZ authority without any further delay so that it is able to effectively discharge its functions.

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