Police to Fine Two Wheeler Owners for Noise Pollution

The thumping sound of your Bullet may not be music to the policeman’s ears who could fine you for causing sound pollution. The policemen in Pune City have started to watch out for noise causing two wheelers to punish with a fine. So far they have collected a sum of Rs 36,000 from as many as 180 Bullet owners since mid July. To comment, this is a system that must be brought all over India.IMG_1682

The traffic police started the special drive after receiving several complaints from citizens who said that bikers intentionally modify silencers to get that loud peculiar sound, popularly known as ‘Indori Pataka’. The traffic police, who are focused on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles right now, stop the riders and check their vehicles for modifications.

The bikers are charged under section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act, which pertains to improper modifications to vehicles. The fine for modifications, in this case changes to the silencer, could be up to Rs 1,000. The law apart, they are punished for causing public nuisance, said the city police commissioner.

The sound is disturbing. But for the bikers it is a status symbol. They think it helps grab people’s attention. The police are planning to extend the drive against other bikes too in the days to come, if any public raise complaints. The traffic police are also looking for garage owners who modify the silencers.

Several citizen groups, activists and even senior citizens have time and again raised their voices against bikers who cause sound pollution. The action will not be restricted to Bullet owners. Any biker, who has modified his/her vehicle, which may result in sound pollution, will be fined under relevant sections of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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