iSperm to Analyze Sperm Concentration

isperm-(1)A Taiwanese firm Aidmics has developed a microscope to bring sperm analysis anywhere, anytime. The device comes as a new clip-on microscope and a custom iOS app. The iSperm microscope is part of a case that fits snugly onto an iPad mini, aligning with the tablet’s built-in camera.

Once the sample is donated the old fashioned way and then prepared, an accompanying light source is attached to a small plastic cover and dipped into the sperm sample. The light source with the sample is then screwed into the optical component attached to the iPad mini. An accompanying app is then used to view the sperm, record videos of the sample, and measure concentration and sperm activity.

The system was originally developed for pig farmers that want to have a cheap and easy option for testing their boar sperm, but Aidmics is looking to receive regulatory approval to be able to offer the device to Homo sapiens. The final price is expected to be under $200, cheaper than what individual tests can cost you at the local clinic.

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