Invisible Trial System

St. Jude Medical in USA has introduced its Invisible Trial System, a tool for evaluating the benefits that a spinal cord stimulator can provide before actually implanting one. St-Jude-iPad-controller

Typically, similar systems came with ugly and difficult to use controllers, ruining the experience for many potential users of the technology. The invisible trial system introduces a small, discreet external generator worn on the body, designed to be invisible under clothes, that communicates via Bluetooth™ technology with patient and clinician programming apps accessed on Apple™ devices.

The Trial System uses an Apple iPod touch and an iPad mini as the control system, improving how both patients and physicians program and control the temporary stimulator. Moreover, the system has no cables that have been used in the past to connect to the device.

The iPad mini is used by the physician to program the neurostimulator and assess its effectiveness in treating pain, while the iPod touch is for the patient to control the level of therapy throughout the day. Because there are no wires to connect and the iPod used as the patient’s controller, the system can remain completely discreet, even while adjustments are made at dinner table. The system is also the first trial system with the capability to evaluate both tonic and Burst stimulation to maximize trial success and allow tonic non-responders an opportunity for retrial.

Product Features


  • EPG is virtually undetectable under clothes
  • Discreet, on-body trial system designed to mimic the experience of a permanent implant
  • Removes necessity for a trial cable—a truly wireless system*
  • Smallest EPG on the SCS market1
  • Secure wireless Bluetooth™ communication between EPG and the patient and clinician programmers


  • First and only App-based patient programming device using consumer Apple™ products2
  • Clean and intuitive user interface design
  • Graphic visualization of stimulation coverage
  • Easy to use touchscreen and programming functionality


  • Capable of providing tonic and Burst stimulation
  • Integrated documentation of program usage and settings
  • Graphic visualization of stimulation, leads, and contacts
  • Sophisticated Ease
  • A Revolutionary SCS Trial System

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