HyLED 9 Series Surgical Light

94_larMindray lights are highly acclaimed by end-users for their soothing light, focusing-free light beams and cross-shaped design conforming to laminar flow decontamination requirements.

Mindray’s cost-effective HyLED  9 surgical light series with cutting-edge LED technology provides excellent illumination, ergonomic and compact design, and long service life, giving you fully support in OR.  The ultra-light, ultra-thin concentrically circular design conforms perfectly to requirements of modern laminar flow surgery rooms


  • Premium central illumination up to 160,000lux
  • Electrical light field adjustment for homogenous light in surgery area
  • Variable color temperature for the perception of true tissue colors (optional)
  • Cross-shape design for better laminar flow compatibility
  • Ergonomic touch screen panel (optional)
  • 2 Mega-pixel HD camera system
  • Long service life up to 40,000 hours

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