Organic Farming for Environmental Safety

I just happened to see a few issues of Safety Messenger. I am quite impressed by the content mix. I am sure that this media initiative will go a long way in building up public awareness about the issue of safety in all spheres of life.

organic farmingIn a healthy farm system, agriculture works in harmony with the natural environment. This begins with healthy soil that stores water and nutrients and provides a stable base to support plant roots. In a sustainable system, soil is kept in balance. Crops are rotated through the fields to replace nutrients in the soil. Where there is livestock, animals graze the land, then waste from those animals is used to fertilize the soil.

The idea is that as farmers take from the land they also give back. Industrial farms disregard that need for balance. Land is used continuously and not given proper rest. Crops are not rotated in a way that replenishes the soil. Manure and chemical fertilizers are used to “feed” the soil, but through over-application these additives become a problem.

I sincerely hope that your magazine will cover this issue in one of your coming issues.

Francois William


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