It’s Time for a Better Tomorrow!

007Child molestation and rape in schools has sadly become very common and an everyday news. In fact, after the rape of a 6-year old in a school in Bangalore, many schools have abdicated their responsibility, both legal and ethical, towards the children.

 As parents we need to step forward and ensure the safety of our children and see to it that their childhood is not snatched away from them. It should be made mandatory for schools across the country to have a child protection policy, or CPP, in place. CPP protects the child from abuse, harm, neglect and exploitation of any nature. As of now, CPP has been adopted only by the State of Delhi, based on the guidelines of the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights. It should be brought in the schools of every state in India.

It is time to prevent any mishaps. Children are the future of our nation. It is our duty to provide them with a safe environment, in which they can blossom into good citizens. Let’s join hands and protect our children.

Sathi Devi

Malleshwara, Bengaluru – India

Author: SubEditor

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