Imperative Need to Curb Cyber Crimes has Come

We see that cyber crimes are on the rise in India, especially in the metropolitan cities. It has come that anyone with a Smartphone or a computer with internet can exploit the life of many people. The victims are often children, teenage girls and women. We hear the news and real life stories of people who were ruined by falling prey to such criminals.

Cases such as these just highlight the shocking levels of ignorance in India about the dangers of using the Internet. Abuse, bullying, fake e-commerce sites that offer cash on delivery for stolen products – there’s a lot of misuse out there. And parents themselves are as ignorant as the children are. Children are by nature curious. Lessons on how to correctly and safely use the Internet should start as early as possible.

Most parents buy their kids expensive Smartphones and tablets as a matter of status, to keep up with the trend. They have an ostrich like conviction that nothing will happen to their kids. In the event that something does happen, many cases are hushed up as well. Parents prioritise avoiding social stigma over reporting the crime to the police.

It has now become imperative for the government to take serious view of this and cap cases of such crimes. Along with this, cases that already have been registered need to be disposed off quickly. It is very necessary that every state should have police personnel specially trained to deal with cyber crimes and a post of an officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police to tackle such cases. Also, separate courts should be set up to hear cases of cyber crime.

Sudha Chandrashekar

Worli, Mumbai

Author: SubEditor

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