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The Internet is a wonderful resource for both adults and children, and a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. But this World Wide Web that pervades the entire spectrum of activities of all the people could be very dangerous also. The increasing misuse and the incredible possibilities of the internet are explained in this article by Kiran Paul, Research Assistant at the Department of Sociology, Periyar University, Salem.

cyberbullying_fAs internet has become indispensible to our daily life, it also has become a place we need to tread carefully. Misuse and abuse of internet is creating new forms of security and safety challenges, and, with each passing year, cyber attacks are increasing in number and getting more advanced. With the emerging Internet of Things – where smart devices like phone, watch, or spectacles communicate with each other – these attacks could get more lethal. A recent report revealing that drug pumps in thousands of hospitals around the world are vulnerable to hacking and hackers could kill patients remotely is a case in point.

Cyber attacks resulting in network outages, data breaches, computer viruses and other incidents affect mainly at three levels – individual, business and government. At the individual level, the sexual and economic offences are more rampant. The internet is fast becoming unsafe for women and children. Cyber bullying, cyber stalking, sexting, sextortion, exposure to inappropriate material, online predators and revealing too much personal information are posing new risks especially to children.

(Read the complete story from the July Issue of Safety Messenger 2015)

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