Effective Communication within The Organisation


Let’s check what the key objectives of communication are. Communication is meant:

  • To understand others
  • To get a clear perception and understanding of our message
  • To get acceptance of our ideas
  • To get the required actionThe Downside to Teams

Effective and efficient systems of communication are a prerequisite for successful management.

The purpose of communication is to provide information. It involves:

  • Understanding
  • Transmission of policies
  • Collecting opinions
  • Co-operation
  • Instruction
  • Problem solving

Remember: Communication is a two-way process where the needs of the receiver are equally important to the needs of the speaker. Because it is a two-way process, both participants must be sure they are using the same language.

There are three main methods of communicating information and these are:

  1. Written
  2. Verbal
  3. Visual

Written Communication

It can be in the form of letters, memos, reports, course hand-outs, notices, procedures, safety policy, forms, rules and books.

ADVANTAGES                                                                                   DISADVANTAGES

  • Permanent record                                                                     •            May be Unread
  • Reference                                                                                    •           One way
  • Consistent message                                                                  •           Often no feedback
  • Accurate detail                                                                           •           Time consuming
  • Wilde audience                                                                          •           Cost
  • Authoritative                                                                              •           Misinterpretation

Barriers to written communication

These could be:

  • Illiteracy
  • Competence
  • Level of the written material
  • Presentation
  • Quality of information
  • Quantity
  • Attitude

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