Remote Surveillance

Remote Surveillance Systems helps you accurately monitor your premises and also gives you the ability to transmit pre/post alarm videos to the monitoring stations.Remote-Surveillance-Systems


  • Video motion detection: The camera can detect in unlimited no. of selectable area of different shape
  • Controlled Access: User can assign local and remote access right from video viewing by creating user profile
  • Customized recording: Our system can do customized recording by setting the different recording parameters for specific events, transactions and schedules
  • Alarm event transmission: Our system gives you the ability to transmit pre and post alarm videos to the monitoring station along with an alarm message via email or pager
  • Motion Search: Our system offers extended video search capabilities including date, time, transaction information, alarm, event and video motion
  • Alarm Handling: Alarm handling of local level as well as central monitoring station
  • Transaction Proofing at ATM’s


  • Remote ATM surveillance
  • Financial institutions
  • Shopping Malls
  • Large Commercial establishments

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