A Healthy Leaving Practice Needed for a Healthy Kidney

While I was going through the article by Dr. Georgy K Nainan on the increasing Kidney diseases, it was in fact a realization of what is happening around us. People are often heard complaining about having a kidney problem, either in the form of Kidney stones or a bad functioning kidney or failure. Kidney is an organ necessary for a human being for the proper functioning of body. We are seeing and hearing in news about people donated one of their kidneys to those in need of one. All these things should help us open our eyes to the reality.

It is reported that 10% of the Indian population suffers from chronic kidney diseases and it is expected to increase. The surge in the number of patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are more at risk of developing a kidney disease too. 60% of the patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases in India are either diabetic or suffer from high blood pressure. What these figures are pointing towards is our fast changed lifestyle. The teens and youngsters are leading to an early onset of kidney related ailments. Consumption of fast food, sedentary way of living with little or no exercise is an important cause for the rise in cases of diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal and obesity in our country and this in turn has led to increasing incidence of kidney disease.

One of the nephrologists recently said “About 3-4 lakh people require kidney transplant in India every year, but only 1% actually gets a successful kidney transplant.” He gave an advice to the people to stop taking pain killers without consulting a medical practitioner. “With increasing abuse of pain killers, it is observed that kidney diseases are on the rise”, he said.

With a little bit of awareness and education, people will have the power to control their condition and enjoy a full life. Educating kids about healthy food, eating habits, should be made part of the school syllabus. The need of the hour is strong proactive steps taken by Government which can help in bringing the increasing number of people suffering from kidney ailments.

R Chandrashekaran Nair

Pambakkuda, Ernakulam- Kerala

Author: SubEditor

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