Our Eyes Need more Care

Our eyes are windows to the world. We can see things only if our eyes function properly. It is true that our eyes are exposed to harmful particles and daily radiations like UV rays. The article on “How we can protect our Eyes” by Dr. Deepa is very informative.  Everyone must have some knowledge

Compared to the early years, when there was less pollution and dust or no radiation, now this is getting on a dangerous level.  Eye injuries in the workplace are very common now; the reasons which people are either not aware or least bothered about wearing an eye protection. Only the companies functioning in national or international standards have made it mandatory for its workers to wear protective face, ear and eye protections while working in a hazardous environment.  The ordinary workers are dangerously exposed to these harmful chemicals and radiations every now and then.

However, simple daily protective strategies will help keep our eyes and the sensitive skin around them healthy. It is necessary that people do a yearly eye-check up and wear protective goggles or sunglasses while at work or riding on a bike or driving a car on a hot-sunny day. It will also help protect our eyes from small dust particles entering our eyes and damaging the retina.


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