Nu Hospitals: Nephro-Urology Care at its Best

The Karnataka-based NU Hospitals is known for its superior, yet affordable nephrourology care. Over the years, this health care chain has achieved an excellent track record with results that are comparable to those in advanced countries.Nu-hospitals

The genesis of NU Hospitals was in July 1999 when it began as a super-speciality hospital for nephro-urology care, in Bengaluru. Today, it is one of South India’s leading nephro-urology hospitals and Karnataka’’s first dedicated nephro-urology centre.

Many of the hospital’s professionals have been a part of this centre for over 20 years. A large number of them have worked in the field of nephrourology for over two decades, continuously keeping pace with advances in a field that is progressing rapidly. All this has resulted in gaining a high level of experience, knowledge and expertise in providing quality nephro-urology care.

Expert Advice , Ethical Treatment
The main strengths of NU Hospitals include the group’s experienced professionals, state-ofthe- art technology, and strict adherence to quality protocols at all levels, and cutting-edge research. This, in turn, nurtures an excellent quality of life, so fulfilling the promise of expert advice and ethical treatment to the patients.

Dr Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chairman and founder of NU Hospitals, says: “We are not only one of the leading nephro-urology hospitals in South
India but also we were the first dedicated nephrourology centre in Karnataka. All this has resulted in us gaining a unique perspective on nephrourology medicine. It has provided us with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in providing quality nephro-urology care.”

Over the last eight years, NU Hospitals has performed as many as 180 kidney transplants, 17,449 urological surgeries and 1,32,961 haemodialyses.

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