North Indian Schools Install GPS and Cameras in Buses

In the northern part of the country, some states have started installing global positioning systems (GPS) and surveillance cameras in school buses for the safety of children.

The Chandigarh state administration has ordered a safety grip on its school buses. At present, the schools does not have any system of live monitoring of the buses through cameras. However, some schools had already taken the initiative and had installed the same. But the extra fee charged for these facilities shows wide variation, while one school does not charge anything.School_Bus_Zonar_Tracking_Device

The school authorities are in the process of developing a GPS-based system which will allow parents to track the movement of the school bus in which their child is traveling on a mobile phone.

At present, messages are sent to parents in case there is any change in the timings of the school bus. Both school authorities and bus operators have the contact numbers of parents.

The cameras store video recordings of last 15 days. If anything occurs, the camera recording helps the school authorities to see what exactly happened. Towards this purpose, the schools are collecting some charges from their parents.

The cameras will be used to monitor the buses from office. The school has launched a mobile application which allows parents to monitor and track the school buses. The app provides information about the bus’s location, its time of arrival and departure, speed, and when it would approach a stoppage.

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