Construction Safety in Middle East

Burj Dubai Construction Workers

Burj Dubai Construction Workers

As Middle East is fast emerging as the world’s largest abode of skyscrapers and the most advanced infrastructure, construction safety assumes added importance. Both the builders and employees need to address the issue of safety, especially the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the role they play in keeping workers safe and comfortable. The following feature specifically takes stock of the Middle East scenario in relation to construction safety.

The construction industry has been experiencing drastic changes of late following globalisation, barrier-less international trade and consumerism. This is putting more pressure from the Environmental Health Safety (EHS) activists and organisations on builders and contractors to perform more efficiently and safely.

However, the fact remains that, in a global environment where no uniformly accepted international safety and health standards currently exist, it is extremely difficult for construction contractors to ensure that they create workplaces that are safe for their workers.

UAE scenario
It is noteworthy that, for a number of years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government and others in the Middle East have taken the health and safety of construction workers seriously. According to recent reports, the Middle East construction industry is projected to deliver projects worth US $500 billion by 2015. This influx also is expected to lead to an increased investment in EHS products and services to help ensure safety in the work environment and to drive down operational costs.

(Read the full article in the June Issue of Safety Messenger 2015)

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