Safeguarding School Children

In a typical school environment, there are several areas causing injuries to children that we can identify and list. The school management and the local authorities must take specific actions instead of blaming the children and parents. The challenge is to build these aspects into their minds so that these become an inherent part of their culture concerning safety. C. Mahadevan, HSE Consultant with vast experience examines these problems and suggests remedies that need urgent attention.Nepalese_school

The school safety programme suggests a series of ongoing activities that include identifying all types of hazards in the school and on the campus, conducting drills, preparing a plan by involving the students, teachers and parents. Suggested preventive mechanisms and procedures shall be put in place in the schooling system along with relief and redress strategies in case of any incident. The following four points will help implement safety actions:

1. Each child of this country can receive good education free from fear of safety and security.
2. Ensure that more stringent rules and regulations are framed, keeping in mind safety of the students.
3. Ensure that such standards of safety are at par with the best world standards.
4. Ensure that such standards are enforced regularly for the safety and protection of the children in classrooms across the country.

The fact is that most schools in India do not pay any attention to student safety. There does not seem to be any basic safety measures/requirements,
regulations, standards that prescribe a minimum level of safety that a school should implement. Many fatal accidents leading to injuries have happened in a few schools. These cannot be considered as learning incidents as they are being repeated, pointing out that the required systems of
reporting accidents and completing recommended actions have not been implemented fully.

(Read this full article in the June Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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