Adolescent Cyber Crimes: A Serious Global Issue!

Cyber crimes are one of the serious issues facing the modern world at large and especially those involving adolescents. Dr Vinod Bhattathiripad, world-renowned cyber forensic consultant to police, judiciary, intelligence departments and banks, in an exclusive interview to Safety Messenger, talks at length about the magnitude and dimensions of the issue.bhattathirippad

Let us, at the outset, convey our gratitude to you for agreeing to talk to Safety Messenger on cyber crimes among youngsters, especially students, both of school and college.

I am privileged.

  1. As a world-renowned expert and consultant in the field, please tell us how serious the issue of cyber crimes among adolescents is?
    It is a quite serious issue across the world. Most parents and so most children are not aware of the consequences of electronic abuse. In fact, any technology is prone to be abused and electronic technology is no exception. However, since the cyber law is strong and cyber evidence has been made valid in many countries, any minor abuse of electronic technology can be punishable, leading even to imprisonment. For example, in India, an SMS with sexually explicit content, which is not uncommon among the younger generation, can get the sender jail for up to 7 years or fine up to 10 lakhs, or both, if the recipient lodged a complaint with the police! Even then, people, especially children, distribute their own nude selfies, share pictures without checking their authenticity and hack into others’ websites and Facebook accounts.
  2. What is the major factor that led to the growing number of cyber crimes? Is it mainly because of the advent of internet and digital gadgets of communication?

(Read the full part of this Exclusive Interview in the June Issue of Safety Messenger Magazine 2015)

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