Safety Messenger is Unique!

Study helps in growing, for this a student needs more exposure and knowledge. It was during one my visits to our college library that I happened to notice and read the magazine “Safety Messenger”. At first I felt there is nothing to entertain. Later on I realized there are some topics that will help me in my study and the future. The magazine looked full with information and yes, it is informative!

For a student like me, it is really useful. As I looked in more detail I understood that the magazine is covering three main topics i.e health, safety and environment. So I feel that this is a magazine that every student must have in their reading list.

The magazine’s HSE Training section will help those who want to pursue a course in this area. Also, the articles on health are really helpful in understanding various diseases that we often go unnoticed. Safety is of prime importance in our life, so is the protection of the environment where we live. I liked the highlighted subjects of the SAFETY MESSENGER, which is rarely found in most common magazines.

Greeshma P.

Kalady, Cochin


Author: SubEditor

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