Safe Food Supply Chain is The Need of the Hour

The Global Food Safety Conference 2015 held at Kulalumpur in the first week of March resolved to work towards a dependable, safe food supply chain which is the need of the hour for sustainable survival of the humanity in these challenging times.World-Health-Day

The annual event brought together over 900 leading food safety specialists in the food and agriculture industry, such as manufacturers and retailers, as well as food related associations and government agencies from over 50 countries to discuss the roadmap for advancing Food Safety The department of Health of the UK government has commissioned the world’s biggest study into the effects of mobile phones’ radio waves on children’s brains, nine years after a government study said children should only use mobile phones when “absolutely necessary”.

The Study of Cognition, Adolescents and safe food supply chain is the need of the hour UK launches largest study of mobile phone effects on children’s brains globally. The Conference themed “Food Safety: A Shared Responsibility” provided the best ever opportunity to meet and network with industry peers, share knowledge, benefit from thought-provoking presentations from internationally reputed industry experts and hear innovative ideas to implement in respective organizations.

The SGS, a leading global solutions provider in food safety, quality and sustainability, and one of the main sponsors of the Conference 2015 conducted a special Session titled “How well do you know your Supply Chain?” The objectives of this breakout session were to present findings of the SGS industry survey on current supply chain management practices, including supplier approval processes and a review of their vulnerability and impact on food safety, discuss the concept of risk and vulnerability in the supply chain through available guidelines and challenges of implementation and evaluate the available tools and methods to manage traceability and transparency in the supply chain and how they support the prevention, mitigation and management of risk.

Need for collaborative efforts

The conference emphasized the truly global nature of the food supply chain, not only by bringing so many people together but also by fostering collaborative opportunities in food safety management•

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