Healthy Way of Living needs to be practiced!

In a world, that is fast changing and after a fast culture, health is becoming a negligible factor. People are becoming only money makers that they forget to live a happy and healthy life. The result is that the money made is being spent in hospitals and for treatments. It is not just something that employees can handle, but every employer should take care of the well being of their employees, if they are working for you. You can include some recreational activities and occasionally some physical activities for the employees to relieve their tension and strain. Sitting glued to one’s seat and computer doesn’t mean that it will increase the productivity. In turn small intervals and communication can create a healthy atmosphere within every organization.

If for an employee, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be considerative of their health. If we are not taking care of our own health, then who will take care of it? Each one of us needs to practice a healthy way of living, eating, drinking and sleeping. We must find time to exercise and practice simple healthy steps even while at work.

We have plenty of health magazines available for our information. Safety Messenger is one such magazine vivid in focusing the safety and environment topics too. The magazine is keeping up the trend of health topics. Good attempt. Keep it up.

K.G Vasudev

Varkala, Trivandrum

Author: SubEditor

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