Air Safety is a Rising Concern!

Now-a day we see there are a growing number incidents and accidents in the airline sector. Is it that our systems are advanced so much or it has become so complicated to manage? Today, we have large numbers of airlines owned by public and private sectors of each country. But are we still way back in keeping those safety standards for safe air travel? The growing number of air crashes and deaths should be an eye-opener for every countries air operations.

The air travel is considered to be the safest travel, so it is necessary that this assumption is not altered. Just as the some of the articles of April issue of Safety Messenger Magazine has mentioned our air travel safety norms and regulations needs constant updating. Experts in this field should regularly monitor any loopholes in safety standards and the safety of every passenger to be confirmed.  To attain this objective every staff in the air travel profession should be trained and keep justice to their profession and to the passengers who rely on them for their travel safety.

The efforts of Safety Messenger Magazine is appreciable that it is trying to focus the prime concern of life on earth i.e., safety. Rarely do we find magazines with such informative articles. It is a magazine worth reading and needs to reach on to more hands.

Ravi Shankar Prasad

Juhu- Mumbai

Author: SubEditor

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