The issue of crimes in the high seas

Safety Messenger has rightly chosen a really topical issue-marine/ maritime safety-as the focal theme of the March 2015 issue. The latest challenges of maritime safety such as the aggravating menace of piracy and terrorists using coastal waters for subversive activities were highlighted and updated in a manner beneficial to the readers. The editorial touching these issues was also commendable.

Safety of our oceans is a vast subject and there is a need for greater international cooperation to tackle issues arising out of crimes occurring in high seas. A typical example is the case of the two Italian naval personnel charged with the murder of two Indian fishermen in international waters. The case is still dragging. This calls for fast track trial in cases involving diplomatic issues.

Hope the magazine will give due focus on such issues with a view to generating some meaningful debate.

Pavithra Banerejee, Kolkatta

Author: SubEditor

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