The Courage to be true to one’s profession

The February issue which covered the feature of a lady doctor, who had to deal and live with the Ebola patients in Africa, is really admirable. It needs courage and a true love to this profession in medicine to render services during such emergencies. Many doctors and social workers from across the globe showed the same courage, when most of the people in their own neighborhoods or other countries kept the affected ones isolated.

There are rarely very few people like Doctor Kalyani Gomathinayakam, who shows an immense courage to treat patients afflicted with the deadly Ebola virus disease.

A decade ago in India, we had a saint like Lady Mother Theresa, who dedicated her life for the neglected, deserted, poor and the needy of the society. In the profession of medicine, now-a-days, we rarely see any dedicated professionals 100% sincere to their job. Most of the doctors see their profession as a means of making money and never waste such an opportunity. A doctor must be a person who can understand his/ her patients and dedicated to the profession.

I really appreciate the efforts of Safety Messenger Magazine which has included the three major important factors HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) of a human life. In the future issues too I expect more genuine efforts as this.

Anita Bhatia, Ramakrishnapuram, Hyderabad

Author: SubEditor

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