Revere Aero Compact Liferaft for Aviation

Extended overwater flight demands more than a suitable liferaft; it demands a top-quality raft that’s guaranteed to stand up to the rigors of the environment and facilitate search-and-rescue efforts. Revere’s compact, 4-person raft features a pair of 200-lb ballast pockets to facilitate stability in the roughest of seas. Also includes a sea anchor, raft knife, and a USCG-approved water-activated locator light. The integral CO2 inflation system fully inflates the raft in less than 30 seconds, and the compact case make storage easy in virtually any GA baggage compartment. A proven, easy-to-use liferaft build to withstand the rigors of nature’s worst conditions.

Liferaft Accessories Include:

  • 20 ft. (6m) Painter line
  • Hand Pump
  • Sea Anchor
  • Raft Knife
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • CO2 Inflation System
  • USCG-Approved Water-Activated Locator Light
  • 2 Ballast Bags
  • Valise

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