N010M Zhuk-M Radar

The N010M Zhuk-M is an advanced variant of the original N010 Zhuk radar introducing advanced air-to-surface functions like mapping and terrain following. The radar forms part of the MiG-29SMT upgrade. The Zhuk-ME is finding success on export MiG-29 aircraft to countries like India.

The N010M Zhuk-M Radar is the passive radar which is most suitable for advanced air to surface mode to fly and attack at very low altitude. Due to the radar’s terrain mapping and following on who is guiding the pilot to fly at very low altitudes, the radar can pick upto sixty airborne targets and able to detect targets beyond 200 kilometers. The radar allows the pilot to attack multiple targets in same time and also it is a good option of monitoring a single unit or building for long time. The radar is a very useful option in non conventional and hybrid warfare’s.

The Radar also incorporates the IRST, an infrared search and Track optics which can launch heat seeking missiles. The Radar is also used for launching TV guided Missiles.

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