Beach and Ocean Safety is necessary

The ocean environment provides a variety of recreational opportunities for the visiting group of public, but it can prove to be as dangerous as it is fun and exciting. A little ocean knowledge can help reduce this danger, insuring a fun and safe beach experience. To achieve this, the people must have the knowledge of awaiting hazards in the ocean. The governmental bodies should strongly initiate programmes on putting boards of awareness including tips on how to stay safe and avoid becoming a victim.

Our Oceans have the abundance of resources. It is being exploited in different ways. Environmentalists and world ocean protection agencies are working through awareness programmes, campaigns, seminars and conferences to wake the world of growing importance of our oceans for the existence of earth.

To make these efforts successful, each one of us has to work toward it, by at least not polluting our environment and avoid dumping unwanted things into our waters (rivers, backwaters, sea etc.).

B Prasanna Kumar, Kollam, Kerala

Author: SubEditor

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