TV Recipes not Healthy

A recent survey report says that recipes followed from television are not likely to be healthy. The recipes sourced from TV may help you weigh about 5 kg more than if you watch cooking shows for entertainment and do not often cook.

One reason for this phenomenon may be that often the recipes portrayed on TV are not the healthiest and allow you to feel like it’s ok to prepare and indulge in either less nutritious food or bigger portions, said co-author Brian Wansink, director of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab.

The people who were surveyed were found to be obtained recipe information from cooking shows and often cooked from scratch, weighed an average of 5 kg more than those who watched food TV but did not often cook and those who looked for new recipes in print, online or from in-person sources.

These findings, published in the journal Appetite, indicate that it is advantageous for cooks to gather recipe information from sources other than television.  Because many cooking shows normalise over-consumption and gratification, it comes as no surprise that viewers’ culinary habits are negatively influenced.  This is why it is so important for cooks who enjoy watching these shows to recognise these influences and learn to modify recipes to be more healthful or find recipes from other sources, said the authors.

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